Commit 286a4026 authored by Jorn Bruggeman's avatar Jorn Bruggeman
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cosmetic tweaks

parent 22098324
......@@ -373,14 +373,14 @@ contains
initialize_ = .true.
if (present(initialize)) initialize_ = initialize
if (initialize_) call model%initialize()
end function
end function fabm_create_model
! --------------------------------------------------------------------------
! initialize: initialize a model object
! --------------------------------------------------------------------------
! This freezes the tree of biogeochemical modules; afterwards no new modules
! can be added. This routine will be called automatically when reading
! a model configuration from fabm.yaml, unless explicitly deactivated.
! can be added. This routine will be called automatically from
! fabm_create_model unless called with initialize=.false.
! --------------------------------------------------------------------------
subroutine initialize(self)
class (type_fabm_model), target, intent(inout) :: self
......@@ -500,12 +500,12 @@ contains
self%status = status_set_domain_done
self%domain%shape = (/_LOCATION_/)
self%domain%shape(:) = (/_LOCATION_/)
self%domain%start(:) = 1
self%domain%stop = self%domain%shape
self%domain%stop(:) = self%domain%shape
self%domain%horizontal_shape = (/_HORIZONTAL_LOCATION_/)
self%domain%horizontal_shape(:) = (/_HORIZONTAL_LOCATION_/)
if (present(seconds_per_time_unit)) then
......@@ -672,13 +672,11 @@ contains
end if
if (.not. associated(self%domain%bottom_indices)) then
call log_message('bottom indices have not been set. Make sure to call set_bottom_index.')
ready = .false.
end if
# endif
! Flag variables that have had data asssigned (by user, host or FABM).
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