Commit 3e3d6908 authored by Jorn Bruggeman's avatar Jorn Bruggeman
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additional rules for not resolving dependencies

parent 9cc189c0
......@@ -382,15 +382,27 @@ contains
! This is the model's own variable (not inherited from child model) and the model itself originally requested read access to it.
_ASSERT_(.not. associated(link%target%write_owner), 'graph::add_call', 'BUG: required input variable is co-written.')
input_variable => node%inputs%add(link%target)
own_stack_node%requested_variable => link%target
if (.not. (associated(link%target%owner, model) .and. link%target%source == source)) &
if (resolve(link%target)) then
own_stack_node%requested_variable => link%target
call target_graph%add_variable(link%target, input_variable%sources, stack_top=own_stack_node, caller=node)
end if
end if
link => link%next
end do
! Add node to the graph.
call target_graph%append(node)
logical function resolve(variable)
type (type_internal_variable), intent(in) :: variable
resolve = .false.
if (associated(variable%owner, model) .and. variable%source == source) return
if (source == source_get_light_extinction .or. source == source_get_drag .or. source == source_get_albedo) return
resolve = .true.
end function
end function graph_add_call
recursive subroutine graph_add_variable(self, variable, variable_set, stack_top, copy_to_store, caller)
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