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ordered institutes alphabetically; added csiro seagrass

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...@@ -12,20 +12,21 @@ endif() ...@@ -12,20 +12,21 @@ endif()
# When adding new institutes to the source tree, please add them here as well. # When adding new institutes to the source tree, please add them here as well.
# You can exclude institute directories from compilation by commenting them out. # You can exclude institute directories from compilation by commenting them out.
akvaplan # Akvaplan-niva, Norway
au # University of Aarhus, Denmark au # University of Aarhus, Denmark
bb # Bolding & Bruggeman - formerly Bolding & Burchard bb # Bolding & Bruggeman - formerly Bolding & Burchard
csiro # Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia
ersem # European Regional Seas Ecosystem Model
examples # Examples supplied with FABM itself examples # Examples supplied with FABM itself
gotm # Models ported from original GOTM/BIO library gotm # Models ported from original GOTM/BIO library
iow # Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research, Germany iow # Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research, Germany
jrc # EC - Joint Research Centre - Ispra, Italy jrc # EC - Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy
msi # Marine Systems Institute, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia msi # Marine Systems Institute, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
niva # Norwegian Institute for Water Research, Norway
pclake # The PCLake model - reference implementation pclake # The PCLake model - reference implementation
pml # Plymouth Marine Laboratory, United Kingdom pml # Plymouth Marine Laboratory, United Kingdom
selma # Simple EcoLogical Model for the Aquatic - PROGNOS selma # Simple EcoLogical Model for the Aquatic - PROGNOS
ersem # European Regional Seas Ecosystem Model
su # Swansea University, United Kingdom su # Swansea University, United Kingdom
niva # Norsk Institutt for Vannforskning, Norway
akvaplan # Akvaplan-niva, Norway
uhh # University of Hamburg, Germany uhh # University of Hamburg, Germany
) )
add_library(fabm_models_csiro OBJECT
add_dependencies(fabm_models_csiro fabm_base)
# Copyright (C) 2014 - Karsten Bolding and Jorn Bruggeman (BB) !
module csiro_model_library
use fabm_types, only: type_base_model_factory,type_base_model
implicit none
type,extends(type_base_model_factory) :: type_factory
procedure :: create
end type
type (type_factory),save,target,public :: csiro_model_factory
subroutine create(self,name,model)
use csiro_seagrass
! Add new CSIRO models here
class (type_factory),intent(in) :: self
character(*), intent(in) :: name
class (type_base_model),pointer :: model
select case (name)
case ('seagrass'); allocate(type_csiro_seagrass::model)
! Add new CSIRO models here
end select
end subroutine
end module
#include "fabm_driver.h"
module csiro_seagrass
! This is a FABM implementation of the CSIRO seagrass model described in
! Baird et al. (2016) A biophysical representation of seagrass growth for application in a complex shallow-water biogeochemical model. Ecol. Modell. 325, 1327.
! Original authors: Matthew Adams, Jorn Bruggeman
use fabm_types
use fabm_particle
implicit none
type,extends(type_particle_model),public :: type_csiro_seagrass
! State variables
type (type_bottom_state_variable_id) :: id_SG_A
type (type_bottom_state_variable_id) :: id_SG_B
! Diagnostics
type (type_bottom_diagnostic_variable_id) :: id_E_par_below
! External sinks/sources
type (type_state_variable_id) :: id_DIC
type (type_state_variable_id) :: id_O2
type (type_state_variable_id) :: id_D_A_C, id_D_A_N, id_D_A_P
type (type_bottom_state_variable_id) :: id_D_B_C, id_D_B_N, id_D_B_P
type (type_bottom_state_variable_id) :: id_N_source, id_P_source
! Environmental dependencies
type (type_bottom_dependency_id) :: id_N, id_P
type (type_bottom_dependency_id) :: id_E_par
type (type_dependency_id) :: id_T
! Parameters
real(rk) :: mu_max_SG
real(rk) :: Omega_SG
real(rk) :: A_par
real(rk) :: f_below
real(rk) :: tau_tran
real(rk) :: K_SG_P
real(rk) :: K_SG_N
real(rk) :: E_comp
real(rk) :: zeta_SG_A
real(rk) :: zeta_SG_B
real(rk) :: f_seed
real(rk) :: z_root
real(rk) :: sin_beta_blade
real(rk) :: Q_10
procedure :: initialize
procedure :: do_bottom
end type
! Molar masses
real(rk), parameter :: M_N = 14.007_rk
real(rk), parameter :: M_C = 12.011_rk
real(rk), parameter :: M_P = 30.974_rk
! Stoichiometry (Atkinson ratio)
real(rk), parameter :: N_to_P = 30._rk
real(rk), parameter :: C_to_P = 550._rk
subroutine initialize(self, configunit)
class (type_csiro_seagrass), intent(inout), target :: self
integer, intent(in) :: configunit
! Parameters
call self%get_parameter(self%mu_max_SG, 'mu_max_SG', 'd-1', 'maximum growth rate of above-ground seagrass',default=0.4_rk)
call self%get_parameter(self%Omega_SG, 'Omega_SG', '(g N m-2)-1', 'nitrogen-specific area of seagrass', default=1.5_rk)
call self%get_parameter(self%A_par, 'A_par', '-', 'leaf absorbance', default=0.7_rk)
call self%get_parameter(self%f_below, 'f_below', '-', 'fraction biomass below ground', default=0.5_rk)
call self%get_parameter(self%tau_tran, 'tau_tran', 'd-1', 'translocation rate', default=0.033_rk)
call self%get_parameter(self%K_SG_P, 'K_SG_P', 'g P m-3', 'half-saturation P uptake', default=0.096_rk, scale_factor=1000._rk/M_N)
call self%get_parameter(self%K_SG_N, 'K_SG_N', 'g N m-3', 'half-saturation N uptake', default=0.420_rk, scale_factor=1000._rk/M_P)
call self%get_parameter(self%E_comp, 'E_comp', 'mol photons m-2 d-1','compensation scalar PAR irradiance', default=4.5_rk)
call self%get_parameter(self%zeta_SG_A, 'zeta_SG_A', 'd-1', 'leaf loss rate', default=0.03_rk)
call self%get_parameter(self%zeta_SG_B, 'zeta_SG_B', 'd-1', 'root loss rate', default=0.004_rk)
call self%get_parameter(self%f_seed, 'f_seed', '-', 'seed biomass as a fraction of 63 % cover', default=0.01_rk)
call self%get_parameter(self%z_root, 'z_root', 'm', 'seagrass root depth', default=0.15_rk)
call self%get_parameter(self%sin_beta_blade, 'sin_beta_blade','-', 'sine of the nadir blade angle', default=0.5_rk)
call self%get_parameter(self%Q_10, 'Q_10', '-', 'Q_10 factor', default=2.0_rk)
! Internal state variables
call self%register_state_variable(self%id_SG_A,'SG_A','g N m-2','above-ground seagrass biomass',initial_value=self%f_seed/self%Omega_SG*(1.0_rk-self%f_below))
call self%register_state_variable(self%id_SG_B,'SG_B','g N m-2','below-ground seagrass biomass',initial_value=self%f_seed/self%Omega_SG*self%f_below)
! Register contributions to mass budgets (all in mmol rather than g, hence multiply by 1000 and divide by atomic mass of nitrogen)
call self%add_to_aggregate_variable(standard_variables%total_nitrogen, self%id_SG_A, scale_factor=1000._rk/M_N)
call self%add_to_aggregate_variable(standard_variables%total_carbon, self%id_SG_A, scale_factor=1000._rk/M_N/N_to_P*C_to_P)
call self%add_to_aggregate_variable(standard_variables%total_phosphorus,self%id_SG_A, scale_factor=1000._rk/M_N/N_to_P)
call self%add_to_aggregate_variable(standard_variables%total_nitrogen, self%id_SG_B, scale_factor=1000._rk/M_N)
call self%add_to_aggregate_variable(standard_variables%total_carbon, self%id_SG_B, scale_factor=1000._rk/M_N/N_to_P*C_to_P)
call self%add_to_aggregate_variable(standard_variables%total_phosphorus,self%id_SG_B, scale_factor=1000._rk/M_N/N_to_P)
! Register dependencies on external state variables
call self%register_state_dependency(self%id_DIC, 'DIC', 'mmol C m-3', 'dissolved inorganic carbon')
call self%register_state_dependency(self%id_O2, 'O2', 'mmol O2 m-3','oxygen')
call self%register_state_dependency(self%id_N_source,'N_source', 'mmol N m-2', 'dissolved inorganic nitrogen source')
call self%register_state_dependency(self%id_P_source,'P_source', 'mmol P m-2', 'dissolved inorganic phosphorus source')
call self%register_state_dependency(self%id_D_A_C,'D_A_C','mmol C m-3', 'sink for carbon in leaf detritus')
call self%register_state_dependency(self%id_D_A_N,'D_A_N','mmol N m-3', 'sink for nitrogen in leaf detritus')
call self%register_state_dependency(self%id_D_A_P,'D_A_P','mmol P m-3', 'sink for phosphorus in leaf detritus')
call self%register_state_dependency(self%id_D_B_C,'D_B_C','mmol C m-2', 'sink for carbon in root detritus')
call self%register_state_dependency(self%id_D_B_N,'D_B_N','mmol N m-2', 'sink for nitrogen in root detritus')
call self%register_state_dependency(self%id_D_B_P,'D_B_P','mmol P m-2', 'sink for phosphorus in root detritus')
call self%request_coupling_to_model(self%id_D_A_C,'D_A',standard_variables%total_carbon)
call self%request_coupling_to_model(self%id_D_A_N,'D_A',standard_variables%total_nitrogen)
call self%request_coupling_to_model(self%id_D_A_P,'D_A',standard_variables%total_phosphorus)
call self%request_coupling_to_model(self%id_D_B_C,'D_B',standard_variables%total_carbon)
call self%request_coupling_to_model(self%id_D_B_N,'D_B',standard_variables%total_nitrogen)
call self%request_coupling_to_model(self%id_D_B_P,'D_B',standard_variables%total_phosphorus)
! Register environmental dependencies
call self%register_dependency(self%id_T, standard_variables%temperature)
call self%register_dependency(self%id_E_par, 'E_par', 'W m-2', 'photosynthetically active radiation at top of canopy')
call self%register_dependency(self%id_N, 'N', 'mmol N m-3', 'dissolved inorganic nitrogen in porewater')
call self%register_dependency(self%id_P, 'P', 'mmol P m-3', 'dissolved inorganic phosphorus in porewater')
! Register diagnostics
call self%register_diagnostic_variable(self%id_E_par_below,'E_par_below','W m-2','photosynthetically active radiation below canopy')
end subroutine initialize
subroutine do_bottom(self,_ARGUMENTS_DO_BOTTOM_)
class (type_csiro_seagrass),intent(in) :: self
real(rk) :: SG_A,SG_B,N,P,T,E_par
real(rk) :: mu_SG_A,k_I,k_resp,Tau,dD_A_N,dD_B_N,T_fac
real(rk), parameter :: T_ref = 20._rk
real(rk), parameter :: photon_to_P = 5500._rk
real(rk), parameter :: O2_to_P = 716._rk
real(rk), parameter :: photon_to_W = 86400._rk/563900._rk ! from W m-2 to mol m-2 d-1
! Retrieve current state and environment
_GET_BOTTOM_(self%id_SG_A,SG_A) ! leaf biomass in g N m-2
_GET_BOTTOM_(self%id_SG_B,SG_B) ! root biomass in g N m-2
_GET_BOTTOM_(self%id_N,N) ! porewater DIN in mmol m-3
_GET_BOTTOM_(self%id_P,P) ! porewater DIP in mmol m-3
_GET_BOTTOM_(self%id_E_par,E_par) ! PAR at top of canopy in W m-2
_GET_(self%id_T,T) ! bottom temperature in degrees Celsius
T_fac = self%Q_10**((T-T_ref)/10._rk)
k_resp = 2*(self%E_comp*self%A_par*self%Omega_SG*self%sin_beta_blade - photon_to_P/N_to_P/M_N*T_fac*(self%zeta_SG_A+self%f_below/(1._rk-self%f_below)*self%zeta_SG_B))*SG_A
k_I = E_par*photon_to_W*(1.0_rk-exp(-self%A_par*self%Omega_SG*self%sin_beta_blade*SG_A))
mu_SG_A = min(T_fac*self%mu_max_SG*N/(self%K_SG_N+N), T_fac*self%mu_max_SG*P/(self%K_SG_P+P), N_to_P/photon_to_P*M_N*max(0.0_rk,k_I-k_resp)/SG_A)
Tau = T_fac*(self%f_below - SG_B/(SG_A+SG_B))*(SG_A+SG_B)*self%tau_tran
_ADD_BOTTOM_SOURCE_(self%id_N_source, -1._rk/M_N*mu_SG_A*SG_A/86400._rk*1000._rk) ! in mmol m-2 s-1
_ADD_BOTTOM_SOURCE_(self%id_P_source, -1._rk/N_to_P/M_N*mu_SG_A*SG_A/86400._rk*1000._rk) ! in mmol m-2 s-1
_ADD_BOTTOM_FLUX_(self%id_DIC, -C_to_P/N_to_P/M_N*mu_SG_A*SG_A/86400._rk*1000._rk) ! in mmol m-2 s-1
_ADD_BOTTOM_FLUX_(self%id_O2, O2_to_P/N_to_P/M_N*mu_SG_A*SG_A/86400._rk*1000._rk) ! in mmol O2 m-2 s-1
_ADD_BOTTOM_SOURCE_(self%id_SG_A,(mu_SG_A*SG_A - T_fac*self%zeta_SG_A*(SG_A-self%f_seed/self%Omega_SG*(1.0_rk-self%f_below)) - Tau)/86400._rk)
_ADD_BOTTOM_SOURCE_(self%id_SG_B,( - T_fac*self%zeta_SG_B*(SG_B-self%f_seed/self%Omega_SG*self%f_below ) + Tau)/86400._rk)
! Detritus production (separate leaf and root)
! Also convert from d-1 to s-1, and from g N to mmol N
dD_A_N = T_fac*(self%zeta_SG_A*(SG_A-self%f_seed/self%Omega_SG*(1.0_rk-self%f_below)))/86400._rk*1000._rk/M_N
dD_B_N = T_fac*(self%zeta_SG_B*(SG_B-self%f_seed/self%Omega_SG*self%f_below ))/86400._rk*1000._rk/M_N
_ADD_BOTTOM_FLUX_(self%id_D_A_N, dD_A_N)
_ADD_BOTTOM_FLUX_(self%id_D_A_P, 1._rk/N_to_P*dD_A_N)
_ADD_BOTTOM_FLUX_(self%id_D_A_C, C_to_P/N_to_P*dD_A_N)
_ADD_BOTTOM_SOURCE_(self%id_D_B_N, dD_B_N)
_ADD_BOTTOM_SOURCE_(self%id_D_B_P, 1._rk/N_to_P*dD_B_N)
end subroutine do_bottom
end module
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