Commit 80180973 authored by Jorn Bruggeman's avatar Jorn Bruggeman
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accept surface/bottom standard variables for horizontal ones and vice versa

parent 7cfcf154
......@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@ contains
class (type_base_standard_variable), intent(in) :: variable1, variable2
! Compare the type of the standard variables.
compare = same_type_as(variable1, variable2)
compare = same_type_as(variable1, variable2) .or. extends_type_of(variable1, variable2) .or. extends_type_of(variable2, variable1)
! Compare the metadata of the standard variables.
if (compare) compare = (variable1%name == '' .or. variable2%name == '' .or. variable1%name == variable2%name ) &
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