Commit 8a84441b authored by Jorn Bruggeman's avatar Jorn Bruggeman
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corrected test conditions

parent 04731378
......@@ -427,7 +427,7 @@ program test_host
case (1)
write (*,'(a)') 'Testing without mask and unrestricted domain.'
call test_update(apply_mask=.false., restrict_range=.false.)
#if defined(_HAS_MASK_) .and. _FABM_DIMENSION_COUNT_>0
#if defined(_HAS_MASK_) || _FABM_DIMENSION_COUNT_>0
write (*,'(a,i0,a)') 'Running ', ntest, ' tests with randomized domain settings.'
do i=1,ntest
# ifdef _HAS_MASK_
......@@ -438,7 +438,7 @@ program test_host
write (*,'(a)') 'Randomly restricted domain (no mask).'
call test_update(apply_mask=.false., restrict_range=.true.)
# endif
# if defined(_HAS_MASK_) .and. _FABM_DIMENSION_COUNT_>0
# if defined(_HAS_MASK_) && _FABM_DIMENSION_COUNT_>0
write (*,'(a)') 'Random mask and randomly restricted domain.'
call test_update(apply_mask=.true., restrict_range=.true.)
# endif
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