Commit b3605e10 authored by Jorn Bruggeman's avatar Jorn Bruggeman
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unit correction

parent 03b3b9b7
......@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@
call self%get_parameter(self%cyanotll,'cyanotll','deg C', 'Cyanobacteria lower temperature limit', default=13.5_rk)
call self%get_parameter(self%cyanosll,'cyanosll','PSU', 'Cyanobacteria lower salinity limit', default=1.0_rk)
call self%get_parameter(self%cyanosul,'cyanosul','PSU', 'Cyanobacteria upper salinity limit', default=10.0_rk)
call self%get_parameter(self%flagtll, 'flagtll', 'deg C', 'Flagellates half-saturation temp, squared', default=100.0_rk)
call self%get_parameter(self%flagtll, 'flagtll', '(deg C)2', 'Flagellates half-saturation temp, squared', default=100.0_rk)
call self%get_parameter(self%alphap, 'alphap', 'mmol n/m3', 'Half-saturation const, diatoms', default=0.25_rk)
call self%get_parameter(self%alphaf, 'alphaf', 'mmol n/m3', 'Half-saturation const, flagellates', default=0.10_rk)
call self%get_parameter(self%alphab, 'alphab', 'mmol n/m3', 'Half-saturation const, cyanobacteria', default=0.4_rk)
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