Commit f7ba657f authored by Jorn Bruggeman's avatar Jorn Bruggeman
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added debug assertions in find_best_order

parent 03b98c07
......@@ -76,12 +76,14 @@ contains
! Determine optimum task order and use it to create the task objects.
ntasks = root%get_minimum_depth()
leaf => root%get_leaf_at_depth(ntasks)
_ASSERT_(associated(leaf), 'find_best_order', 'BUG: get_leaf_at_depth did not return valid leaf.')
if (root%operation == source_unknown) ntasks = ntasks - 1
if (log_unit /= -1) write (log_unit,'(a,i0,a,a)') ' best task order (', ntasks, ' tasks): ', trim(leaf%to_string())
do itask = 1, ntasks
_ASSERT_(associated(leaf), 'find_best_order', 'BUG: leaf pointer not associated.')
_ASSERT_(leaf%operation /= source_unknown, 'find_best_order', 'BUG: step with operation source_unknown.')
steps(itask)%operation = leaf%operation
leaf => leaf%parent
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