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output: removed redundant register_variables_meteo() after merge

parent 22466b0d
......@@ -363,77 +363,6 @@
end subroutine init_meteo
#if 0
! !ROUTINE: register_meteo_variables() - register GETM variables.
subroutine register_meteo_variables(fm)
! !USES:
use domain
use field_manager
type (type_field_manager) :: fm
! Original author(s): Karsten Bolding & Jorn Bruggeman
LEVEL2 'register_meteo_variables()'
if (metforcing) then
if (calc_met) then
call fm%register('airp', 'Pa', 'air pressure', standard_name='', data2d=airp(_2D_W_), category="meteo/in", output_level=output_level_debug)
call fm%register('t2', 'Celcius', '2m air temperature', standard_name='', data2d=t2(_2D_W_), category="meteo/in", output_level=output_level_debug)
call fm%register('u10', 'm/s', '10m wind (x)', standard_name='', data2d=u10(_2D_W_), category="meteo/in", output_level=output_level_debug)
call fm%register('v10', 'm/s', '10m wind (y)', standard_name='', data2d=v10(_2D_W_), category="meteo/in", output_level=output_level_debug)
!:: hum
call fm%register('tcc', '', 'total cloud cover', standard_name='', data2d=tcc(_2D_W_), category="meteo/in", output_level=output_level_debug)
! fwf_method = 2, 3 - precipitation read from file
if (fwf_method .eq. 2 .or. fwf_method .eq. 3) then
call fm%register('precip', 'm/s', 'precipitation', standard_name='', data2d=precip(_2D_W_), category="meteo/in", output_level=output_level_debug)
end if
! fwf_method = 2 - evaporation read from file
if (fwf_method .eq. 2) then
call fm%register('evap', 'm/s', 'evaporation', standard_name='', data2d=evap(_2D_W_), category="meteo/in", output_level=output_level_debug)
end if
end if
call fm%register('swr', 'W', 'short wave radiation', standard_name='', data2d=swr(_2D_W_), category="meteo/out", output_level=output_level_debug)
call fm%register('shf', 'W', 'surface heat flux', standard_name='', data2d=shf(_2D_W_), category="meteo/out", output_level=output_level_debug)
call fm%register('tausx', 'Pa', 'wind stress (x)', standard_name='', data2d=tausx(_2D_W_), category="meteo/out", output_level=output_level_debug)
call fm%register('tausy', 'Pa', 'wind stress (y)', standard_name='', data2d=tausy(_2D_W_), category="meteo/out", output_level=output_level_debug)
call fm%register('albedo', '', 'albedo', standard_name='', data2d=albedo(_2D_W_), category="meteo/out", output_level=output_level_debug)
call fm%register('zenith_angle', 'degrees', 'solar zenith angle', standard_name='', data2d=zenith_angle(_2D_W_), category="meteo/out", output_level=output_level_debug)
! fwf_method = 3 - evaporation calculated
if (fwf_method .eq. 3 .or. fwf_method .eq. 4) then
call fm%register('evap', 'm/s', 'evaporation', standard_name='', data2d=evap(_2D_W_), category="meteo/out", output_level=output_level_debug)
end if
end if
!:: airp_old,airp_new
!:: tausx_old,tausy_old
!:: d_airp,d_tausx,d_tausy
!:: tcc_old,tcc_new
!:: swr_old,shf_old
!:: d_tcc,d_swr,d_shf
!:: evap_old,precip_old
!:: d_evap,d_precip
end subroutine register_meteo_variables
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