Commit 2fead255 authored by Knut's avatar Knut
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bugfix conversion of vertical advection schemes

parent 29ef3a49
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ nmls_t = ('getm/m3d/vel3d_','getm/temp/temp_','getm/salt/salt_')
for n,nml in enumerate(nmls_s):
adv_split = source[nml+'adv_split'].getValue(usedefault=True)
hor_adv = source[nml+'hor_adv'].getValue(usedefault=True)
ver_adv = source[nml+'hor_adv'].getValue(usedefault=True)
ver_adv = source[nml+'ver_adv'].getValue(usedefault=True)
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