Commit 5264e99d authored by Karsten Bolding's avatar Karsten Bolding
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parents ad8a8404 db8af145
...@@ -590,11 +590,12 @@ ...@@ -590,11 +590,12 @@
call restart_file(WRITING,trim(hot_out),loop,runtype) call restart_file(WRITING,trim(hot_out),loop,runtype)
end if end if
if (meanout .eq. 0) then if (save_mean .and. meanout.eq.0) then
select case (out_fmt) select case (out_fmt)
case(NETCDF) case(NETCDF)
dummy=-_ZERO_ dummy=-_ZERO_
#ifndef NO_3D #ifndef NO_3D
LEVEL3 timestr, ': saving mean fields .... '
call save_mean_ncdf(dummy) call save_mean_ncdf(dummy)
#endif #endif
end select end select
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