Commit 57b565ca authored by Knut's avatar Knut
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reset bdy3d to False in runtype=2

parent da314443
......@@ -212,6 +212,7 @@
end select
! Sanity checks for bdy 3d
if (.not.openbdy .or. runtype.eq.2) bdy3d=.false.
if (bdy3d .and. bdy3d_tmrlx) then
LEVEL2 'bdy3d_tmrlx=.true.'
LEVEL2 'bdy3d_tmrlx_max= ',bdy3d_tmrlx_max
......@@ -278,7 +279,6 @@
call ss_nn()
if (.not. openbdy) bdy3d=.false.
if (bdy3d) call init_bdy_3d()
if (runtype .ge. 3) call init_internal_pressure()
if (runtype .eq. 3) call do_internal_pressure()
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